Please read Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully.

Membership Service Terms

iPanel welcomes your participation. Please duly read the following terms so that you can know more about iPanel.

1. Between You and iPanel
1.1 These terms are to be applied as the terms of the legal agreement between you and iPanel. iPanel Online Market Research Co., with the location of Suite D, 7 floor, No.269 Dapu Rd, Shanghai China.
1.2 You are obliged to guarantee that the questionnaire contents do not include any of the following.
a. Violations of the Basic Principles Determined by the Constitution
b. Damage to Nation Unity, Sovereignty and Territory Integrity
c. Usurping, Espionage, Buying over or Exposure of National Secrets and Intelligence which Jeopardizes National Security or Damages National Benefit
d. Violation of National Religious Policies and Damage to National Solidarity
e. Disturbance of Social Order, Damage to Social Stability or Public Benefit
f. Advocation of Heresy or Superstition
g. Cheating Activity or Encroachment of Legal Rights of Other People
h. Other Circumstance stipulated in Relevant National Laws, Rules and Regulations
1.3You agree to take any consequence caused by your violation of these terms which includes any loss or damage to iPanel and iPanel is not responsible to you or any third party.

2. Terms Acceptance
2.1 Before enjoying the service of iPanel, this term must be accepted or otherwise the service is not accessible.
2.2 Under the following circumstances you are unable to enjoy the service or accept the terms.
a. You have not reached the age set by iPanel restricted in the contract.
b. You do not fit the qualification of that any domestic member must have the service within his or her own country territory.

2.3 About Cookies: Cookies are tiny files storing some data on a device or computer. iPanel may use cookies for several purposes including, without limitation, to enable you to use and browse a website and quality control. Session cookies expire when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your device or computer indefinitely until deleted. A user can delete cookies via the user’s browser or otherwise, however, this may limit your use of a website, and/or decrease the functionality available to the user in connection with a website.

3. Service provided by iPanel
3.1 iPanel innovates itself continuously and this agreement will be altered timely according to the company development which will be without the notification of you.
3.2 You have the right to decide on your own to join or cancel your account without contacting iPanel.
3.3 If iPanel prohibits the use of the account, it is possible that you will be kept from the service and iPanel has the right to delete your account profile or points.

4. You Using Our Service
4.1 In order to obtain some service, you will be probably required to offer your personal information such as ID number or contact information to be part of the service registration process or part of the service you keep on using. You agree to give accurate, correct and newest registration information to iPanel.
4.2 You must be qualified according to Term 2.2(a and b) and under any law, rule or publicly recognized convention or regulation in relevant jurisdiction region to allow ipanel to submit your service data and information to clients within the legitimate range.
4.3 You agree not to commit any activity that obstructs or damages the service or any server or network connected to the service.
4.4 Unless you are specially allowed to any separate agreement with iPanel, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sale, trade or resale the service.
4.5 You agree to take any consequence caused by your violation of these terms which includes any loss or damage to iPanel and iPanel is not responsible to you or any third party.

5. Your Passwords and Account Security
5.1 You agree to and understand that you are responsible for keeping the confidentiality of the account passwords for accessing relevant service.
5.2 If you find any unauthorized usage of your passwords or account, you agree to notify iPanel immediately.

5.3 iPanel promises you that all your information without your personal authorization will not be provided to any third party.

6. Service Range
6.1 You understand that the data file, pictures and other graphics as part of the service or the information obtained by using your service are the responsibilities of the persons of the origins which are to be referred to as ‘contents’ herein after.
6.2 You recognize that the contents shown to you as part of the service including but not limited in advertisements and commercial sponsorship contents in the service are probably of reserved intellectual rights from the sponsors or advertisers providing contents to iPanel or their representative persons or companies. You are not allowed to alter, lease, rent, lend, sale, or distribute the contents no matter whether it is part of it or all or create derived products according to the material, unless iPanel or the owner of the content specially allows you in separate agreements.
6.3 You agree to take any consequences caused by your violation to these terms which includes any loss or damage to iPanel and iPanel is not responsible to you or any third party.

7. Privileges
7.1 You recognize and agree to that iPanel or its authorized party possesses all the legal rights, proprietary rights and benefits including any intellectual rights existing in the service no matter whether they are registered or not and no matter whether similar rights exist in any other part of the world. You further understand that the service might include confidential information defined by iPanel which you must not expose without the permission in written form from iPanel.
7.2 Unless you have other separate agreements with iPanel in writing, no stipulation in this term gives you the right to use any reserved rights, trademarks, service marks, signs, domain names or any other notable brand features of iPanel.
7.3 Unless you are clearly authorized by iPanel in writing, you cannot use any trademark, service mark, brand name or sign of any company or organization in the way of whether purposely or not mixing the owners or authorized users of the trademarks, names or signs.

8. iPanel Authorization
8.1 you are not allowed and you are not to allow anyone to copy or alter the software or any part of it or create derived products, process reversed engineering or editing of the software or any part of it or extract source codes from the software or any part of it except that the law clearly permits or demands or iPanel specially notifies you in writing.
8.2 Unless iPanel gives you clear permission in writing, you must not transfer your using right of the software or part of it, set security interest on the software usage or transfer any part of your software using right in any way.

9. Termination between You and iPanel
9.1 These terms will continue to be valid until the termination by you or iPanel according to the following.
9.2 If you expect to terminate the legal agreement with iPanel, it can be made through the following ways.
a. Informing iPanel at anytime
b. Under the circumstance that iPanel provides options, close all the service accounts you use and your notification in writing should be sent to the valid address stipulated at the beginning of these terms.
c. In the iPanel membership system centre, there is an account cancellation function and you have the right to cancel it at anytime.
9.3 If any of the following happens, iPanel can terminate the legal agreement with you.
a. You violate any stipulation of these terms or your behavior clearly indicates that you are not intended to or not able to obey the stipulations of these terms.
b. The law requires iPanel to do so under the circumstance. E.g. The service proved to you is illegal or becomes illegal.
c. iPanel is no longer providing service to your residential country or the country you are obtaining service from.
d. iPanel considers that providing you the service has no more commercial feasibility.
9.4 The stipulation of this term does not affect on the relevant rights of ipanel providing service according to Term 4.

10. Responsibility Limitation
10.1 You clearly understand and agree to that iPanel and its authorized persons are not responsible to you on the following issues.
a. Any direct, indirect, collateral, special, consequential or punishing damage happens to you by any cause on any responsibility terms which includes but not limits any profit loss, whether direct or indirect, any commercial or business reputation loss, any data loss, substitute material, service purchase fee or other intangible loss.
b. Any damage or loss might happen to you by the causes including but not limited to:
i. iPanel might change the service or permanently or temporarily stop providing the service or any function of it.
ii. You did not offer the accurate account information to iPanel
iii. You failed to keep the confidentiality of your passwords or account information.

11. Alteration of the Terms
11.1 iPanel can timely alter the common or additional terms.
11.2 You understand and agree to that if you use the service after the alteration of the common or additional terms, it will be taken as that you have accepted the updated common or additional terms.

12. Common Legal Terms
12.1 This agreement constitutes all the legal agreements between you and iPanel on using the service but not including the service offered by iPanel based on separate agreements in writing by iPanel which totally replaces any previous agreement you have reached with iPanel on service.
12.2 You agree that if iPanel does not execute or force the implementation of any legitimate right or relieve included in this agreement or possessed by iPanel in any applicable law, it cannot be taken as the giving up of iPanel and these rights will still be valid for iPanel.
12.3 If any court with the power of judicial determination judges any of the stipulations of these terms to be invalid, the according stipulation will be deleted from these terms without affecting the rest of these terms. The rest part of these terms will be still valid and put into forced implementation.
12.4 You accept that if you raise any conflict with iPanel, it will be reconciled by legal organizations designated by iPanel.